Uses For Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is potent stuff, so when considering whether to use it, it’s best to dilute it with a little bit of olive oil. And if you are using it internally, it’s best to start off with one drop of the oil twice a day, and work your way up to four times daily. You can also add a little honey or maple syrup for a better taste.  Oil of oregano is a herb that has potent effect against the candidiasis. It contains an active ingredient, named carvacrol, which can treat the yeast infection. Consume it everyday, and be sure that you choose the oregano oil with high carvacrol level

Oregano oil uses

Oregano oil has many medicinal uses, which is why it is being used by doctors and patients quite a lot. It also has some antiseptic properties which help to cure bacterial and viral infections. I think that everybody should make a habit of consuming oregano oil in their day to day routine as it helps to keep away from the infectious diseases. The common oregano is referred to as Origanum marjoram and the plant from where oregano oil is extracted is known as Origanum vulgare.

This  oil is capable of treating infections, skin irritations in an effective manner; however, it has to be used in a diluted manner. The dilution process can take place either with the usage of coconut oil or olive oil.  Oregano is a natural remedy that fights against infections. It strengthens the immune system of the body. Medicals studies suggest that oregano cures several ailments. It is popularly used as a cure for bladder infections. It kills the bacterium and flushes it out of the urinary tract. It is frequently used in food items to add taste.  It  is known for its natural antibiotic, antifungal, antimicrobial and antiparasitic effects. Numerous recent studies have shown the antiparasitic effect of oregano oil with a strong effect in the elimination of the parasite called Giardia, so Oregano Oil is a great help in the treatment of giardiasis.  Essential oils are inhaled during treatment, which have a direct effect on the sinuses, throat, and lungs. Many essential oils are specific medicines for respiratory conditions

Essential oils are one of the most versatile natural medicines that I’ve had the pleasure of using for the last 10 years or so. These natural plant essences are chemically complex and can be quite potent when it comes to killing bacteria. Of the hundreds of different essential oils, oregano oil is well documented and best known for controlling bacterial infections. It’s been used as a natural MRSA and  Staph treatment . In fact, I consider oregano to be one of the “big gun” essential oils for controlling infections like Staph and MRSA, and I consider it one of the  MRSA natural remedies .  Essential oil of oregano additionally includes a really small quantity of thymol, that is an additional phenol. The particular oil contains lower than 2% of the, so safe and comfortable for human intake. Carvacrol and also thymol communicate which is though this is partly why is this oil therefore powerful.

Essential oil of oregano is among the most powerful antiseptics available. The anti-microbial properties have already been tried and tested and yes it no microbe since proved a match up for this. Having man-made antiseptics there exists a tendency for any microbes to make resistance, however this isn’t the situation with oregano essential oil. It is effective that with regards to its capability to kill an array of microbes, there is not anything proved to be better in either man made or natural medication.

The health benefits of  this oil  can be attributed to its properties like anti viral, anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti parasitic, anti oxidant, anti . Health Benefits of Oregano Essential Oil — Facts on Food . goldforsales — Oil of oregano battles parasites, most cancers . Natural News A brand new report from the College associated with Az UofA states that essential oil associated with oregano is really a powerful nutritional for battling parasites and preventing cancer. Sadhana Ravishankar .
The essential oil of the oregano plant, or Origanum vulgare, is widely revered for its many culinary and medicinal uses. Some of its medical uses, such as for allergy relief, remain unproven but others, such as fighting bacteria, have held up to numerous scientific tests. Among both the proven and unproven medical uses for oil of oregano are those involving cold and flu viruses and related symptoms.

Oregano oil health benefits

From folk medicine to ancient Chinese medicine, oil of oregano persistently appears in an array of healing remedies for ailments both internal and external.  Health benefits of oil of oregano  include treatment of other skin related issues such as scratches, cuts, burns, insect bites or other infection. In such cases, you can mix a drop of oregano oil in a teaspoon of coconut oil, olive oil or even butter and apply it topically. But using this mixture for acne treatment isn’t a recommended option as oil clogs the skin further.  The benefits we can get from oregano oil are many and varied. It can be used to treat a wide variety of diseases, due to its many powerful substances. This essential oil is processed from the leaves of the Origanum vulgare plant, which grows wild in countries such as Portugal, Turkey and Greece. It is believed that the right combination of soil minerals and the climate in the mountains where these trees grow are the reasons why it contains an excellent combination of potent substances.

I have been using this amazing product for some time now and would recommend that everyone give it s try.


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