Best Oregano Oil

The best Oregano oil comes from those species that are the Mediterranean countries of Greece, Lebanon and Turkey Greece. Recently, the species found in Portugal has also become an important source extracting oil.  NAH&S is well known for the best oregano oil on the market: Oreganol P73, which can be found in Oreganol P73 soft gels, OregaMax, Oregano Juice, Oreganol Cream, OregaResp, OregaBiotic and SinuOrega, but there is so much more to this dynamic, whole foods supplement company. Over the past 15 years, it has created over 200 effective products made exclusively from non-GMO, wild, organic, raw and whole food ingredients, and used fair trade practices and sustainable harvesting methods all along the way.  Once you know what you want, try comparing different brands, prices, and purity levels before buying Oil of Oregano.

Wild oregano oil

These simple steps will help you get the best oregano oil for you and your family. The liquid form is more popular, but you will find there are a few companies that sell the oregano oil packaged in capsules.  Oregano oil  is a great astringent too. If you experience bleeding gums and any other dental problems, gently rub diluted oregano oil on your gums two times a day. It should be able to cure your all dental problems within a week. This is one of the best oregano oil uses. However, do keep in mind, that some problems need medical attention, so always visit a dentist first.
Oregano is well-known for its health value. Oregano oil supplement in particular is the only form of Oregano supplement that contains the most nutritional value so far. It is composed of a combination of iron, zinc, potassium, manganese, niacin, vitamin C and carvacrol among other constituents, which helps in protecting the body against both fungal and yeast infections. It is used as treatment for various ailments including Candida, toothache, bronchitis, indigestion, diarrhea and rheumatism among others. The best Oregano oil supplement is cultivated from wild Oregano, which has not been polluted by pesticides. Most of the best Oregano oil supplements are taken in capsule form.  Oregano oil is made by steam distilling the leaves of the oregano plant. The oregano plant is a small plant growing only to about 2.5 feet high. The plant contains small white to pinkish flowers that bloom from July to September, and are native to the Mediterranean and south and western Europe and Asia. The leaves are the part of the plant that are picked when ready and steam distilled to create a pure, undiluted essential oil. It is important to note that their are many varieties of Oregano Oil, and not all these oils are created equal. You can check below for some tips of buying the best Oregano Oil possible.
Origanum vulgare hirtum   (Italian oregano, Greek oregano) is a common source of cultivars with a different aroma   [ 5 ]    from those of  O. v. gracile . Growth is vigorous and very hardy, with darker green, slightly hairy foliage. Generally, it is considered the best all-purpose culinary subspecies.

Origanum vulgare onites   (Cretan oregano, Turkish oregano,   rigani  ,  pot marjoram ) is a tender perennial growing to 18 inches tall, with pale green to gray-green woolly rounded foliage. It has a strong, intensely spicy flavor.  Oil of oregano, or Origanum oil, is extracted from the oregano plant, also known as  Origanum vulgare . This plant belongs to the mint family  Labiatae   The related species,  Origanum onites  ( Greece ,  Turkey ) and  O. heracleoticum  ( Italy ,  Balkan peninsula ,  West Asia ), have similar flavors. A closely related plant is  marjoram  from Turkey, which, however, differs significantly in taste, because  phenolic compounds  are missing from its essential oil. Some varieties show a flavor intermediate between oregano and marjoram.

Oil of oregano is extracted from Origanum vulgare, a wild plant that grows in the Mediterranean countries of Greece, Portugal and Turkey. It was used by the ancient Greeks for thousands of years to treat common conditions such as colds, flu, skin diseases and respiratory problems.  Wild oregano, scientifically known as Origanum vulgare, has long been used by people around the world to heal common sicknesses. This medicinal herb commonly thrives in Mediterranean regions, which is why Greeks were the first one to use its crushed leaves to cure skin cuts, bruises, wounds, and burns. It was also common for ancient Chinese to use wild oregano to help relieve common digestive problems such as diarrhea and upset stomach.  Oregano oil is extracted from the flowers and leaves of the  Origanum vulgare  plant and most manufacturers use steam distillation to produce the Oregano oil. High quality Oregano oil must come from organically grown plants that are not exposed to pesticides and chemicals. Find for a reputable company that sells Oregano oil with a ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ label which will be a good sign of the quality of the product. Good quality Oregano oil should come from manufacturers that use Oregano plants that are grown wild on native soils, handpicked, pesticide and herbicide-free, are ecologically conscious and have feedback programs in place.  The famous European herb called the oregano or the pot marjoram is a very familiar spice, botanical  name  Origanum vulgare. It is a common herb, and the European  oregano  is known to be a very hardy and perennial herb characterized by the presence of an erect, and somewhat hairy and well branched stem, the leaves of the herb are also hairy. When fully grown, the plant can cross two feet in height, and is characterized by a very acrid and pungent odor, the fragrance of the plant is very strong, and has a  sage  like aroma, it also smells somewhat like another spice, the  thyme  – also used in a lot of European cuisines.


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